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Passion & Purpose

Purpose directs passion and passion ignites purpose.

– Rhonda Britten

In everything that we do, we always put our head and heart. For us, that is the essence of business.  To lead with the head is to produce excellent results and aim for continuous improvement. At RCA Corporation, we focus on your business goals and the message you want to send to your customers.

We believe that leading with the heart creates more impact and success. We commit to achieving a full understanding of your business needs and working with you hand in hand. Furthermore, we put great value in building a relationship with you and between businesses and customers.

RCA blends commitment and excellence with PASSION and LOVE. Love in helping customers, love for creativity, and love for the craft. This, after all, is the key to successful marketing.

We strive to deliver because that is our purpose, and that purpose is fueled by passion.

We lead with head and heart to help your business achieve its full potential. That in turn, we may ignite more leaders and create more positive impact in our communities.

While our IQ is our right to play, we always find the perfect balance with EQ. This makes a difference. At RCA, we believe that this will change the world.


RCA is a team of individuals who share the same passion for events, marketing, and creative thinking. We share a common goal of helping people turn their visions into reality. 

We are composed of dependable, empowered, and creative professionals who deliver excellent services for every client.

We are a team of thinkers and doers. Our combined experiences are in the fields of marketing communication, brand management, customer engagement, public relations, digital marketing, and events management.

Passion and purpose the essences of our company. We put our hearts in everything that we do, bringing a fresh and different approach to every project. We ensure that it is delivered on time and on budget.

When it comes to marketing, we work closely with businesses to understand their needs.

We will work together to focus on your challenges, plan to achieve your goals, and deliver the most memorable events and marketing.



To help clients become their grandest version. To bridge businesses and their customers with commitment and purpose.



We see every company as partners, and we support them in celebrating and living their brand's purpose with heart.




A driving force of RCA is passion. We love what we do, and we deliver no matter the circumstance. With heart and mind, we are fully committed to serving you.


Our service is grounded on purpose and that is helping our clients become their grandest version. We help them to connect to their target market with the heart.


Everything we do is anchored on care for our partners, people, and their customers. We value their growth and success. With this value, we can create more impact in our communities.


We give our 100% to help you achieve your business goals. We go the extra mile to help your business expand.


We believe in continuous improvement. One example is creative thinking to help see alternative perspectives. This is essential in creating a successful marketing strategy.



We want to ensure that we will deliver a truly successful campaign for YOU.  Understanding your vision is our first business.

Laptop and Plant


What’s your business? What are we celebrating? What are your challenges? What do you want to achieve?  We want to know more about you.  We want to be your partner to help you achieve your goal.

Meeting Room Business


We ensure that your event and marketing strategy would be on target and in line with your objectives. We can brainstorm with you, then you can leave the planning to us. Our team of experts will handle the coordination and management.

The Future


Managing events and marketing campaigns are our passion. At this stage, our team will distribute your campaigns over appropriate channels. We will launch your marketing campaign or event with you. We ensure you that all will be delivered on purpose.